Relationships | Support | Projects
Part-time, up to 25 hours per week


You are the face of The Human Impact to those on the streets, developing relationships to restore dignity, developing individual plans of restoration, introducing advocates who can guide and mentor others, and developing initiatives for specific work and housing needs. You are seen as an advocate to lift those on the street to a better life. You are a person of integrity and initiative, you are true to your word, and you are there for others. You love people of diverse origins, nationalities, and race. You make plans to help others succeed and you work those plans in faith of a better future for those you support. To show support, you are on the streets at least twice a week for up to 6 hours per week.  You are finding ways of supporting others and linking to advocates up to 14 hours per week. And you are updating your team and supporters through regular weekly meetings and blog posts.  

After 3 months, you have the opportunity to develop this intern position into an ongoing dream job.  


The Streets | 6 hours

  • At least 2x/week 

Homeless Support | 8 hours

  • Offered as needed, 2-4x/week
  • Support & lead on homeless care plans (2-4 lead at a time)

Projects | 6 hours

  • Advocacy
  • Work Initiative
  • Housing Initiative

Administrative |  3 hours

  • Weekly team meeting
  • Monthly blog post submission
  • Update homeless care plans weekly when lead

Self-Care | 2 hours

  • Weekly vision time
  • Bi-monthly, one week off of the streets

Preferred Skills + Experience: Previous community volunteer work with homeless or another marginalized group; ongoing experience in addiction recovery; project management; demonstrable track record of taking initiative and responsibility, meeting commitments, being a self-starter and goal oriented; demonstrating maturity with those who seek guidance. 

Projected Start Date: April/May 2017

To apply, please email the following to   

  1. Subject Line: Community Advocate Intern
  2. Cover Letter — tell us why this is the job for you  
  3. Your resume in .txt, .doc, or .pdf format