There are many ways you can get involved. See them below.
Open our calendar to see specific dates & times for all of our regular events + others not listed here.

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The Streets

Join us for our volunteer street time every Thursday from 9:30-11:00 AM. Check our calendar for weekly details.

Meet the Need

Can't make it down south or live far away? Subscribe to our blog and find out how you can help individuals virtually.

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Street-Side Salon

Full-time job during the week or babies at home to care for? Join us for our monthly Saturday events in the Spring and Fall.


Street Art

Join us in the Spring and Fall for art outside on the streets.

Make something beautiful with us!

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Advocacy Group

Looking for a meaningful way to empower the homeless? Join this group and use your specific talents to help someone who is homeless.

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Support Network

Want to get involved in our work but don't know how? Join our Support Network and invest directly into the lives of the homeless in South Dallas.