Administration | Communications | Marketing
Part-time, up to 25 hours per week


You are the heartbeat of The Human Impact, taking initiative and delivering important tasks week-to-week, you run projects on time and within budget, you keep our partners and donors engaged through regular and thoughtful communications, you are a story teller, and you love to plan and put on events. You are known for your keen attention to detail, you are flexible while being highly organized, you love your routine, and your creativity is evident in all you do. To keep a pulse on the heart of the work, you will come to the streets twice a month, attend all Saturday and night events, and you will check in at our weekly team meetings. 

You have the opportunity to develop this into a full-time dream job. Work from home half of the time & away from home the other half.


Administrative | 5 hours

  • Ordering, Printing, Processing, Filing
  • Website/Media Updates

Communications + Marketing | 5 hours

  • Newsletter + Other Events / Projects: Design, Edit, Send All Communications
  • Blog Updates
  • Donor + Partner Management 

Events + Projects | 5 hours

  • Advocacy Group
  • Street-Side Salon
  • Street Art
  • Work + Housing Initiatives
  • Annual Fundraiser

Storytelling | 5 hours

  • Photos + Videos
  • Social Media
  • Website

Preferred Skills + Experience: Graphic design, website development, photography and/or videography, demonstrable track record of taking initiative and responsibility, meeting deadlines, being self-motivated

Projected Start Date: March 2017

To apply, please email the following to

  1. Subject Line: Marketing Manager
  2. Cover Letter — tell us why this is the job for you.
  3. Your resume in .txt, .doc, or .pdf format.