Street-Side Salon Recap

Earlier this year, North Texas Honda Dealers reached out to us and asked if they could sponsor one of our Street-Side Salons. You may have heard Honda's commercials recently about giving back to their local communities through Random Acts of Helpfulness. They had read about The Human Impact in the Dallas Morning News, and wanted to come alongside us and be helpful. We quickly and gratefully said yes.

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Things Unseen

Some days it seems like the veil to another world, one that is very real but unseen, gets lifted, just for a breath or two…

I met her by seeing her—she paced the streets and didn’t talk, or look at me, or really anyone. I assumed it was drugs. One day, we had some supplies we keep locked up in our storage unit out for an event, and she tried to steal them.

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Guest Post: The Dallas Fellows

by Troy Schmidt

Immediately stepping outside of the car at Tent City, I realized just how unprepared I really was. [Last summer, Troy led high schoolers as they reached out to the homeless in a shelter.] Last summer, most of our interactions with people came at lunch where we were handing out popsicles, or at a free food market we helped run with food rescued from a grocery store.

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A Beautiful Breakfast: Recap and Photos

On a hot summer July morning, members of Preston Road Church of Christ unloaded wooden picnic tables from the beds of pick-up trucks and carried them to a shaded spot of grass on Dawson Street. This area has become familiar territory for The Human Impact—it's where we have gone every week for the past four years. It was the perfect spot for a community meal, shared together with both the homeless and non-homeless. 

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Introducing: The Human Impact Support Network


You won’t find us in a facility or office. Our work happens under the bridges and on the sidewalks of South Dallas. 

As our work continues to grow, we are looking to grow our monthly support network. This need looks like 25 individuals, couples, or families committed to a designated amount each month. We are asking you to consider being 1 of the 25. 

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Out of the Shadows

It was a rain swept day. She came to us in the shadows. Under the overpass.

Her stare pierced through Hayley’s face. She would not look at me, but I could see her, the eye surrounded by shades of green and purple, the gash above the lip. What she didn’t say spoke everything to us.

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A Story of Advocacy: Willie, The Jorns, & Ellerman Homes

In February, we introduced you to our friend Willie through his Meet the Need. You all generously donated to buy Willie a pair of work boots and a bus pass so he could get back and forth to work. 

Willie's current job is a result of one of our advocate's creativity. After attending our January Advocacy Group meeting, Jennifer and Steven Jorn, along with Ellerman Homes, hired Willie to work at their new home construction site. We recently sat down with Willie, Jennifer, and Richard, the site foreman for Ellerman Homes, to hear how everything is going. 

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Street-Side Salon: Recap and Photos

There is a plot of grass on the corner of Jeffries and Dawson in South Dallas. It doesn't look like much. It often has trash scattered around. A random shoe or boot may lay in the small field on any given day. But it also happens to be the perfect spot for a Street-Side Salon. With a little creativity and TLC, a pop-up barber shop starts to come to life.

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Meet the Need: A Leg for Sam

Sam used to live in a tent. Under an overpass just south of Deep Ellum. One day, when we went to check on him, he wasn't there. One of his neighbors told us he had been taken to the hospital. We rushed over. 

We found Sam at Baylor, holding his leg up close to his heart. His left leg had been taken below the knee. He was in a lot of pain that day. We called a friend of ours named Ashley Igo because she has a special expertise: She is a counselor, trained to work with amputees. And more than that, Ashley has a special empathy: she herself is an amputee.

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Valentine's Day

Abby said it perfectly: "I know Valentine's is a made-up holiday, but today felt exactly how I think Valentine's is supposed to feel." Last Tuesday marked our second annual Valentine's brunch. But it was different from last year. More people came, both homeless and not, and some of our friends from the streets now have homes of their own! It was a day of love and celebration.

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Meet the Need: Rowdy's Memorial

It took him a year to talk to me. Sometimes, he'd grunt in acknowledgment of my presence, but even that was once in a blue moon. His best friend, Mr. B., was one of the first in the neighborhood to embrace me. They sat together every day, on paint pails or old folding chairs in front of an abandoned white building. To get to their spot, I had to jump across a large ditch; Mr. B always said he wished we could trade legs so he could do that, too. 

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