People helping people. One act at a time.

Mission | Providing a purposeful way to use your time, talent, & treasure to help the homeless.

Vision | For individuals and their respective communities to be transformed.

Why? To be human is to desire a meaningful way to give back and care for others. The Human Impact aims to provide one meaningful way through this Advocacy Group. We know you have full lives, so we aren’t asking for a major committment. We work one act at a time.

What? Sign up to help individual homeless people as they have needs in your area of expertise.

How? Look below to see in which areas you want to receive notifications. Then, fill out the form underneath, and we'll send you emails as we have needs in your area. You get to decide on a case-by-case basis if you want to help.

  • Health & Wellness | Physicians, Nurses, PAs, etc.
  • Work | Providing one-time employment opps for people vetted by THI
  • Food, Clothing, & Basic Needs | Clothes (incl. outfits for special occasions), tents, prescriptions, food, etc.
  • Counseling & Coaching | Life coaches, therapists, counselors, etc.
  • Addiction Recovery | Sponsors, outreach
  • Finances & Budgeting | Financial education
  • The Arts | Theater, painting, drawing, singing, instruments, etc.
  • Community | Streets, 1:1 (Bobby, Edward, people on streets, visit someone once a month—not alone)
  • Prayer | Join us in prayer the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Industry | Tax, legal, real estate, etc.
  • Housing | Apartment, home, back house, etc.
  • Networking | Spreading the word, sharing the stories, mobilizing donors for individual homeless people & programs (i.e. SSS sponsorship)
  • Other | Fill in another area of expertise you have that is not listed here.


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