Relationships | Leadership | Team
Full-time, 40 hours per week

The Job 

Your focus is the heart of our work—building friendships with people who are homeless. You care deeply about people who are homeless. You exhibit humility in all you do, receive feedback well and are able to shift plans, are highly flexible and can prioritize human needs over administrative duties. You thrive on days spent in support—in hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehabilitation facilities, and the like.

Community Advocates: Community Advocates are the face of The Human Impact to those on the streets, developing relationships to restore dignity, developing individual plans of restoration, introducing advocates who can guide and mentor others, and developing initiatives for specific work and housing needs.

You also lead The Human Impact’s team of Community Advocates (CAs). You place equal value on the health and wellbeing of the homeless as you do for any team you manage. You spend time in thought and prayer for those you walk alongside—the homeless and your team of CAs. As our team of Community Advocates grows, you will continue to lead the team. You will report to THI founder and president Elisabeth Jordan and work closely with her to continue to develop the heart of the work, loving and caring for the homeless.


The Streets | 10 hours

  • At least 3x/week 

  • Lead Community Advocates Team

  • Cultivate relationships with the homeless & prioritize needs on the streets

Homeless Support + Lead Coordination | 15 hours

  • Offered as needed, weekly

  • Lead weekly team meeting on currently homeless

  • Guide development of homeless care plans & coordinate next steps with the team

Projects | 5 hours

  • Coordinate with volunteer groups that come to the streets

  • Lead intern program(s)

Administrative |  10 hours

  • Weekly team meeting

  • Weekly meeting(s) with other staff members

Self-Care | weekly and quarterly

  • Sabbath keeping (Fridays off)

  • Quarterly Sabbath: 1 week each quarter

  • Counseling encouraged (& reimbursed)

Preferred Skills + Experience: Similar nonprofit experience for at least 2 years. Prior leadership or management experience. Think strategically, exhibit skill in reading people, and maintain firm boundaries. Experience in either addiction recovery or supporting those in addiction recovery. Prioritize “doing your own work,” either through working the 12 Steps, counseling, a combination of the two, or by another demonstrable means. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Do not shy away from conflict and have experience in successful conflict mediation and resolution. In leadership, demonstrate an ability to table emotions in the interest of caring for others on the team.

Projected Start Date: November 26, 2018

To apply, please email the following to & write “Community Coordinator” in subject line:   

  1. Cover Letter-Tell us why this is the job for you  

  2. Your resume in .txt, .doc, or .pdf format