RECAP: Street-Side Salon // October 2015

A Happy Story from this month's event

Joe has been homeless for two years. As we sat and talked on Saturday, he said, "I'm getting my hair cut so I can look good for my job interview!"

"Really?" we asked.

"Yes," he replied. "I just bought myself new pants and a new shirt, and I'm using the money I've saved to stay at a hotel tonight to be able to shower and get ready for the interview." The only part missing was that he needed a hair cut. When he heard about the salon, it met his exact need. 

When he showed up Saturday and told us his story, we asked if we could share it + before and after pictures. He happily obliged. He is so ready and hopeful about getting off the streets.

Joe (before)                                           Joe (after)

with stylist Lindsay Attaway


Instead of doing what WE thought the homeless needed as an event, we finally had the bright idea to ask them what they needed! The immediate answer: "HAIRCUTS!"

Ever since, we have been cutting hair outside on the streets. And each time, it's a hit. Not just for those who get their hair cut but also for those who attend to help in so many ways.

We know it sounds funny for a day of "volunteering," but the #1 descriptor we get for this day is FUN!

pictures from october 3 salon


Many people. But this time, we'd like to give a big shout out to the one man behind it all. His name is David Drake. David's committment to this event -- from spreading the word, to assisting with fundraising, to volunteering his entire day, to collecting clothes and shoes, to helping us envision how to make it better -- is unmatched. Basically, Street-Side Salon wouldn't happen without him. Seriously. David is an essential part of the team.



Stylists: Hallie Alford, Lindsay Attaway, & Doreen Miller

Supply Donor: Jay Stone sales & their generous suppliers

All of our incredible financial backers who made this day possible

Jimmy Nelson, Angie Laros, Gillian Ard, & Sue Anderson for being there & helping from start to finish!


the food: sammy's barbecue

the coffee: Claire Maclay


Finally, we want to thank everyone who came out and made the day SO happy and fun -- from those who have homes to those who don't have homes.

Perhaps the most special thing about this day is the community that gathers.

Footballs are thrown, beards are trimmed, and love + good grub is shared all around.