Need Met! Reading Glasses

Passing out reading glasses was great fun! Since we haven't given out reading glasses in over a year, we were amazed at how many people really needed them and felt so blessed to receive them.

When people said "thank you," we got to tell them about the community behind the glasses ... about many of you who gathered together to provide for this basic and important need.

Each person in these pictures let us take it as a way of saying "thank you for being a part of these glasses." It really is wonderful how our two communities, of home-less and home-full, come together despite the physical distance. When we passed the glasses out, everyone on the streets, including us, had a deep sense of the community behind them.

We even had enough money left over to buy working boots for Reginald, though we have yet to see him to be able to give them to him. If for some reason he doesn't come back around, we will save them for a person who needs them to get back to work.