A Merry Meet the Need

She's a mama. A mama who was badly beaten by her soon-to-be ex husband. A mama who was brave enough to leave, brave enough to risk, to get help. A mama who became homeless overnight because someone she trusted chose to abuse her.

Now, she lives at a shelter with her babies. She is their only caretaker; no babysitters are allowed at the shelter to help her. For her safety and the safety of her children, no one can know where they are living. (We cannot even share her real name or the number of children she has.)

Here's the need: She's about to have the kids all day every day when school is out over Christmas Break. Because no one is allowed to come to the shelter to babysit, she has found an in-home babysitter who will keep her children.

So far, the best job she has secured is with a temp agency; however, she is first and foremost looking for full-time work (at least 32 hours a week). She is smart and capable.

Her two needs are:

ONE: A job! Are you hiring or know someone who is? According to her, "I will do anything, literally anything." She could even work multiple part-time jobs. (Email elisabeth@thehumanimpact.org if you have a connection or know of a job.)

TWO: Money for this babysitter to relieve her one day in the next two weeks. With bus fare and the sitter, we need to raise a little more than $100. Donate by clicking here.

This is her favorite quote (and was before everything happened to her):

"Be kind; for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."

She is a beautiful woman, and we are thankful to call her a friend. Any support you feel led to give will touch her heart.