The Most Delightful Waste of Time

In a world that judges us by our productivity and accomplishments, homeless people don’t fit in. 

People who sit in the dirt and drink beer day after day simply have no place in our American life. They seem to contribute nothing to our society; they only take.

Furthermore, considering how our society judges things like “potential” and “success,” we are spending our time investing in the wrong bunch of people. There’s a lot more good we could be doing helping those who will help themselves – people like children (lots of potential there), the young (many good years left), the ambitious (people dealt a bad hand in life who are committed to “make something” of themselves).

This begs the question: Why are we hanging out with a bunch of homeless people in South Dallas? Why them?

Quite simply, we delight in them. We enjoy being in their presence; we like who they are as people.  

We delight in them the way God delights in us. In fact, we actually get to taste God’s delight in us as we delight in them. Just like our love for our homeless friends, the Lord’s love for us comes regardless of our productivity, regardless of our success.

This is good news for all of us – not just for homeless people. There will be times in all of our lives when we can’t produce the way we used to, or we don’t experience success as we hoped. We will fail. There will be days when life has lost its luster.

This delight in us regardless of our performance is actually what has the power to change us – and to change the homeless.