Wisdom from Cecelia

Written by Elissa Romines

Cecelia is a most precious friend. She is also a talented author. Two of her poems can be found here and here.

A few weeks ago, CeCe made the hard and brave decision to go to rehab.

It was there, in the tiny waiting room surrounded by a pile of paperwork, where CeCe shared some of her latest work with us. 

One poem I have gone back to again and again. It reads:

It's Okay 
by Cecelia M. Terrell

The bible says "Do not worry"
cause tomorrow has it's problems of it's own.
Whatever you have prayed for, my child
release it, let it go ... it's gone ...

See... my God already knows our struggle
but God won't allow you to be lost ...
that's why he never said a mumbling word
when he hung his head and died on the cross.

He died to show us there's Salvation
to show us his mercy and grace ...
and because he shed his precious blood
we can meet our master face to face...

I have "so" much to be "thankful" for
even if others can not see ...
no matter how bad things get in my life
I always see somebody "worst" than me.

See ... I may not have all the riches
I may not have diamonds and pearls
but I have the love of my Jesus
and he died for the sins of this old world.

So even though I'm homeless
this one thing I know is true
Jesus loves me very much
cause see ... Jesus was homeless too.