Feet Washing in Photos

Let's get real: I find the idea of washing someone else's feet quite awkward. I occasionally broke into a cold sweat earlier this week just thinking about today.

And on top of it all, because of the cloudy, misty day, we weren't sure if anyone would actually show up to get their feet washed. But Jonathan faithfully set up the chairs, and we got the stations ready ...

I spent the early part of the morning laughing with two women about how uncomfortable feet washing seems. Not surprisingly, one of them darted off just before we began. 

As the other lady left to get some water, she sheepishly told me she would probably skip the feet washing. I just laughed, "Of course, I understand."

However, a few minutes later, much to my surprise, she showed up outside and asked, "Can I have my feet washed?"

"Really?! Of course!" I replied, hardly believing she had changed her mind. 

The first to have her feet washed 

The first to have her feet washed 

By the end of the day, two others had stopped to get their feet washed. Both Jonathan and our friend Kim got to kneel down and wash feet, too.

Most of the small group that gathered today

Most of the small group that gathered today

For me, the experience of feet washing is transformative. In it, I have to face what is initially uncomfortable, but then I end up unusually peaceful and content afterwards. As awkward as the idea of feet washing still is to me, I am thankful Jesus had this funny idea, and that he invited me to participate in it today.

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