Roland's first day at Bonton Farms was last Thursday. He will be working on the farm two days a week, and getting back and forth with the buss pass you provided him. He is incredibly grateful for the support. See pictures below:


Written by Will Zandstra

Roland's need has already been met thanks to YOU, our incredible community!

Roland at our September Street-Side Salon getting a new 'do

Roland at our September Street-Side Salon getting a new 'do

Three months ago, Roland, a former resident of Tent City, left the streets and moved into his own apartment.

Since then, he has been working different jobs through a day labor office to make ends meet. In his free time, he gives back to his community by creating an outdoor play area made entirely of giant sunflowers.

Roland has been offered an incredible opportunity to exercise his horticultural passions by providing Dallas with fresh organic produce as an employee of Bonton Farms. While this will soon provide him with full financial self-sufficiency, the real value afforded Roland lies in the intentional approach taken by the leadership of Bonton. Roland will have a community of people around him not only providing work but also supporting his relational and spiritual growth.

The only thing Roland needs to make this opportunity a reality is a monthly bus pass to commute to Bonton, which lies just south of Dallas. This is where our amazing community at The Human Impact comes in — we want to partner with you to help Roland commute to his new job. Because it's a month-long pass and not just a day pass, Roland will also be empowered to leave his apartment and do other cool stuff with his buddies around Dallas.

We invite you to come alongside Roland as he begins this exciting new chapter of life by helping him secure a month-long bus pass. Click here to donate to help Roland. 


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