One day three years ago, jobless and inspired, I declared to my husband Austin, "Let's move to South Dallas!" You see, in my ample spare time, I had been doing a lot of research about our city, and had recently learned South Dallas was the most impoverished neighborhood. I thought I could save the world, or at the very least save South Dallas. 

Austin suggested I get to know at least one person before calling the movers.  With that goal in mind, I started hanging out on a street corner in South Dallas with people who are homeless. The "people who are homeless" part of this story surprised me. I think when I pictured "impoverished people in South Dallas," I pictured some cute kids or families struggling to make it. Instead, I landed the least-likely-to-tug-at-heartstrings group of people -- the homeless. Three years later, what was once unexpected is now the most beautiful part of the story.

Last Saturday, Elissa and I and our husbands and children hosted some of our closest friends in South Dallas for a belated Valentine's brunch. We wanted to share a few pictures from Saturday. In the best sort of way, Saturday was anti-climactic, nothing like I'd idealized a day like this might be three years ago. But for all of the best reasons. Saturday just felt like having our dear friends over for breakfast. And I wondered why we hadn't done it sooner.

All photos by Christena Dowsett.