An Update: On Edward, From Edward

Written by Elissa Romines & Edward Thomas

"You gotta go out and get it, and come back with it."

That's an Edward classic, reserved for those occasions when nothing short of total domination will do. Edward's Meet The Need was one such occasion, and you came through in a big way. 

                           Edward, e cstatic

                           Edward, ecstatic

                    Beautiful, handmade cross

                    Beautiful, handmade cross

This week marked the start of chemotherapy that will continue for six months. But you won't find Edward complaining. You will, however, find him grateful. Just read his letter below.

   All smiles following a good report at Baylor Hospital

   All smiles following a good report at Baylor Hospital

 A more accurate representation of Edward's "support" 

 A more accurate representation of Edward's "support" 

Angels of Mercy,

This letter goes out to all [of you] who have taken the time to give me -- no, to do for me -- the things I couldn't do for myself in my times of need.

As you all know, I had colon cancer, but before news of the cancer, I was homeless and had relapsed from being clean for five months. I was staying at Austin Street Shelter, a place where just about everyone was for themselves. Dealing with my drug habit and being homeless was driving me to isolate. I really couldn't talk to anyone around me because they had the same problems.

As I was sitting [outside the shelter one day], I started praying, asking the Lord to send me someone in my life that I can be truthful with and help me in my time of need. I hadn't known Elisabeth very long at that time and had not seen her in a while, but low and behold there she was standing there asking "what's up?" I didn't waste any time; I got straight to the point. I told her [I had relapsed]. It really made her sad and brought tears to her eyes. It made me feel like she was in need of comfort as well as I did.

She ask me, "What do you want?"

After doing drugs I was very hungry so I told her, "I need something to eat."

She was being accompanied by Jonathan Flores, another God-given person that has supported me in my time of need. God knows all of our needs and that's the reason I believe he also put Jonathan in my life. I am sixty-one years old and I never met a person as caring as this man -- no, not even in my family. I was [also] blessed by another Earth angel, Elissa Romines, a caring and concerned person who made sure, thanks to all of you, I had all of the clothing I ever needed, someone who does not have the word "no" in her vocabulary.

Being loved by you all gives me a comfort that only God gave you for people like me, and I thank God for putting you all in my life. As time went on, I [have] understood what God meant when he told me, "Take one step and I'll take two." All of you were put here to save lives; you are God's Earth Angels. 

Sincerely Yours,
E.T. (Edward Thomas)

In closing, I'd also like to thank my doctors, Paul Madeley and Roberto Rodriguez, for giving me back my life.