Meet the Need: Randy

Randy with his month-long bus pass that will take him back & forth to treatment for his prostate cancer.

Randy with his month-long bus pass that will take him back & forth to treatment for his prostate cancer.

Today, we had the privilege of taking Randy to the DART station to purchase his month long bus pass. He was overcome with emotion, telling us, "I been asking for help and this is the first time I get it."

Randy was moved, asking, "Who would give a heck about somebody they don't even know? But it comes straight from the heart. This is real and if it didn't come from the heart people wouldn't do it." It was our privilege to extend your love and support of Randy to him today. We not only got to give him the bus pass, but because you went above and beyond we also got to give him money for food.

He wanted you to know this: "I want to say thank you peoples who's out there on the outreach for your abundance in my illness. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for your concern for me." Thanks for loving Randy. He felt your care today.

We met Randy about a month ago. Randy sits with our friend Rowdy. Rowdy doesn’t give out friendship too easily, so we are certain Randy is a good guy.

Not only that, but Randy has a spirit about him that is kind and gentle. We have been drawn to him since we first met him. As we talked to him last week, he shared part of his story with us, and we want to share it with you (with his permission!):

This is Randy’s first time being homeless. He lost his job, and then his house, all within the past year. Finally, just three months ago, he had a wreck in his car. When he lost his car, he no longer had anywhere to stay overnight, so for the past few months he has been living at Austin Street Center.

Two weeks ago, he was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. Because of his illness, he doesn't feel well physically and also is feeling depressed. For treatment, he now has to travel twice a week to Parkland Hospital.

Randy told us, “I’ve reached out as far as I can reach. I’ve looked for help everywhere and haven’t gotten anywhere.”

We told him he came to the right place! We thought you — our community away from the streets — would love to hear about Randy's need. If you want to be a part of meeting this need, you can donate towards a month-long bus pass here.

And if you want to share an encouraging word with Randy, leave them in the comments or email us and we will pass along your encouragement!