A Beautiful Breakfast: Recap and Photos

Written by Hayley Ruffner

On a hot summer July morning, members of Preston Road Church of Christ unloaded wooden picnic tables from the beds of pick-up trucks and carried them to a shaded spot of grass on Dawson Street. This area has become familiar territory for The Human Impact—it's where we have gone every week for the past four years. It was the perfect spot for a community meal, shared together with both the homeless and non-homeless. 

Bright, colorful table runners were laid on each of the ten tables. Fresh, potted plants,  juicy fruit skewers, and stacks of sprinkled donuts served as centerpieces. Each place setting was carefully laid in anticipation for the guest who would sit there. Egg casseroles were placed on each table, ready to be served family-style. Bottles of orange juice and water were iced down. 

Our friends from the street began to show up and find a seat. We sat beside them. Conversation began to fill the field. Food began to fill our stomachs. Beauty filled our hearts. 

So often on the streets, the homeless are given food—to eat alone. They stand in line to receive their meal, but walk away to consume it. On Saturday, July 22, A Beautiful Breakfast invited the homeless and non-homeless to come together and sit at the same table. Eat the same home-cooked meal. Share in the same joy. 

A special thanks to Maryn Evans and Darla Sanderson and all of their volunteers from Preston Road Church of Christ for planning and hosting A Beautiful Breakfast on the streets of South Dallas.