Street-Side Salon Recap

Earlier this year, North Texas Honda Dealers reached out to us and asked if they could sponsor one of our Street-Side Salons. You may have heard Honda's commercials recently about giving back to their local communities through Random Acts of Helpfulness. They had read about The Human Impact in The Dallas Morning News, and wanted to come alongside us and be helpful. We quickly and gratefully said yes. 

On Saturday, February 3rd, North Texas Honda Dealers pulled up to the streets in their blue minivan and out popped 6 of their volunteers. They quickly started to help us set up tables, chairs, and hair cutting supplies. They assembled a pop-up tent and set up hot coffee for our friends. We set our music speakers to a James Brown playlist. Seven local hair stylists arrived, all of whom have served at previous Street-Side Salons with us. Several of our volunteers brought their families to spend the morning serving our homeless friends.

North_Dallas_Street Side Salon_2.3 (9).jpg

These mornings are special because they seek to honor human dignity. We start with a beard trim or haircut, but continue through laughter, a shared meal, a spoken prayer together, and dancing to the tunes filling the air. We all want to be seen and known in a deep and meaningful way. Our pop-up barber shop is the vehicle by which we do just that. 

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