Meet the Need: Help make Robert's Place a Home

One of the first things many people notice about Robert is his optimism. Despite living on the streets for nearly six years, he always found a way to speak about the hope he had for things to get better.

Robert standing with Perry Guest Companies after completing his application process.

Robert standing with Perry Guest Companies after completing his application process.

“I do what I can do and put the rest in God’s hands,” Robert said. “He may not come when you call Him, but He’s always right on time.”

He shared that with us in the beginning of June, when he was homeless and without a job. Little did he know he’d be working and living in his own apartment just one month later… “always right on time.”

A Job and a Home

Robert went through the same process everyone else does when trying to get a job - the application, background check, drug test, and the interview. He also had us at The Human Impact to vouch for his character.

After just a little bit of waiting, Robert was offered the job. He began working at Perry Guest Companies in early July. Out of excitement (and some nerves), Robert arrived for his first day at work an hour and a half early. He was ready! This was July 9th… and just a few days after that (on July 11th), he moved into his own Perry Guest Companies’ apartment.

“I’m like Tony the Tiger," Robert said when he moved in. "I feel GRRREAT!”

Robert after moving into his new apartment.

Robert after moving into his new apartment.

While Robert got the job on his own, we are so thankful to Perry Guest for partnering with us to help him reach his goals to find a job and a home. We are also grateful to Elizabeth Webster and her roommates for providing some furniture he needed at the time of moving in.

His Needs

There are a few more items he needs to help his apartment feel more like home:
- Trash Can
- Dresser
- Table and chairs
- Coffee table
- Nightstand
- Living room chair or loveseat

If you feel led and are able to help provide furniture for Robert, please email to coordinate items you would like to donate and your preferred drop-off day and time.

Thank you to those who have prayed for Robert and been a part of his journey so far. Our friendship with him does not end now has a job and a home. Our work is to walk alongside our friends and we are continuing to do that now with Robert. We meet with him weekly, talk about life, God, struggles, and help him find ways to continue to flourish in community and give back.

For a more detailed look at our process, check out: