One Year: A Look Back

One year ago tomorrow, my friend and mentor-by-example Larry James invited me down to South Dallas to spend time on a little corner we affectionately started calling "the Corner."

Neither he nor I knew it, but it would be a day that would forever change my life, as I began to have my heart warmed by a group of people I formerly ignored.

They are people without homes, but they moved right into my heart, and through their love for me, began to change my life.

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Postponed: Riding the Bus

In my extremely privileged life, I have never had to take public transportation in Dallas. I have chosen to ride "DART the train" before for FUN, but I have never taken a yellow bus around town.

My bus-riding interest has been peaked over the past year as I have gotten to know so many homeless men and women whose primary means of transportation is taking the bus (or walking).

So, even though I am slightly terrified of the experience (I have been quite coddled :)), next week I plan to take the yellow bus all around Dallas -- from my home in North Dallas to my work in South Dallas I will go. I will take the bus wherever I need to go that particular day.

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The Bad Things We Do

"I have done bad things. I have done bad things that have hurt people I love," said the very kind-looking, soft-spoken man sitting on the curb in front of me.

The sea of men around him passed time as best they could, waiting -- most in the shade but some in the sun -- for the doors of the shelter to open for them.

I had knelt down to talk to three, three whom I had never met.

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Small Snapshot: Feet Washing Photos

"The most spiritual things are often the most practical. What's more practical than washing the feet of those who walk around on their feet all day?"

~Larry James at Feet Washing today

This is a small snapshot of what happened today as we gathered -- homeless and non homeless -- to wash one another's feet. Over fifty people were there at the beginning as we stood in the circle below to pray -- and it wasn't just the non-homeless, but the homeless and the non-homeless, all of us together. In fact, when my friend Jessica walked up, she said the most beautiful thing was that she honestly couldn't tell who was homeless.

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Meet the Need #4: Allen

What I first noticed about Allen when he started attending the Bible study two months ago was only that I had never seen a homeless person as unclean as he was. My friend Nancy, who came to the Bible study the second week Allen attended, didn't seem to notice the uncleanliness, and she put me to shame, placing her arm around his shoulder, just lovingly caring for him all morning.

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Music on the Streets

For six months or so, I have dreamed of bringing music to the streets. I just imagined what the musical waves streaming down the streets could do to lift spirits and bring joy!

A month ago, I spoke briefly at our church about my new work, and I had the bright idea of volunteering our very gifted musical pastor Jay to make it happen! Of course, I didn't tell him beforehand that I would be volunteering him, but still he was good enough to come, along with another man who goes to our church named Paul.

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