Can't Write Them Off

Homelessness and its struggles are really just a metaphor for all of life. Stripped of the clothes and the cars and the houses, a person is left vulnerable and transparent.

But inside mansions or outside under overpasses, people are people. Addictions plague the wealthy and the poor. The capacity for violence and self-destruction exists equally in every human heart.

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The Race Reality

It was a hot day — so blistering we did something we've only ever done this once: move our Thursday afternoon time under the shaded foyer of CitySquare's building in our hood. Normally, we brave the elements, heat or cold, with our friends who are homeless.

It is not for this reason, however, that I remember this day. It stands out because two homeless men said the exact same thing to me in a short two-hour span. What they said is the sort of thing you know people think but that you never expect to actually hear.

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Feet Washing in Photos

Let's get real: I find the idea of washing someone else's feet quite awkward. I occasionally broke into a cold sweat earlier this week just thinking about today.

And on top of it all, because of the cloudy, misty day, we weren't sure if anyone would actually show up to get their feet washed. But Jonathan faithfully set up the chairs, and we got the stations ready ...

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Love Is Free

Two weeks ago, Elissa and I were at a recovery center checking someone into rehab when I saw a friend from the streets out of the corner of my eye. I hadn’t seen her in months. I had to do a double take — she looked different. She wasn't just physically cleaned up; her entire demeanor had changed.

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The Giving Streets

Written by Elissa Romines

I'd like to think I am particularly gifted and that I have some unique "calling" to be with people living on the street. Like God picked me to eradicate homelessness and crime and drug abuse. 

want to be that girl. You know the one ... Well-versed in current social justice issues and legislation, helping homeless people with addictions to things most people only hear about on CNBC documentaries. Bussing them from tents under bridges to drug rehabilitation programs. 

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Wisdom from Cecelia

Cecelia is a most precious friend. She is also a talented author. Two of her poems can be found here and here.

A few weeks ago, CeCe made the hard and brave decision to go to rehab. It was there, in the tiny waiting room, surrounded by a pile of paperwork, where CeCe shared some of her latest work with us. 

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Dreams of Grandeur

I used to have dreams of grandeur. 

And when I say "dreams of grandeur," I'm talking a two-decade-long love affair with stardom.

It all started when I was a wee lass of 5 or 6 and got to be on a seesaw with a big red bow in the Neiman Marcus Children's Christmas catalog. From there, I skyrocketed to elementary-school fame...

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Why Doing is Overrated

Written by Elissa Romines

I have tried really hard to be a normal, productive person.

I went to college (Woo Pig Sooie!) and earned a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. My resume is loaded with service projects and hours of committee-ing it up. I have spent months working with inner-city kids and have rallied man, woman, and child around anyone with a pulse and a need.

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