End of the Story: Danielle

I realized I never told the end of the story about Danielle...

She did end up calling me back, telling me on the message she left that she had a good reason for not being ready for church that Sunday morning.  She asked me to call her back so she could tell me what happened.

I did not feel led by the Lord at that time to call her back (had learned by then to listen to Him instead of doing it "my way").  I was also a little angry with her and felt like she would deceive me more.  I realized that I am not her savior or anyone's—Jesus is that.

A few days after the message, she ended up texting me from a random number.  In her texts, she told me her "story"—she had been arrested and in jail for something like not paying a ticket (supposedly).  That's why she wasn't there Sunday morning.

I guess I felt more deflated after that.  I decided not to respond at that time and just kept praying for her and asking the Lord if/when He wanted me to reach back out.

He finally gave me the go-ahead one day on my way into work.  And He helped me see what I could still offer her.  I didn't feel like she was dependable enough to help her find work, but I did feel like I could offer to continue building a friendship.  So I called and left her a message, asking if she wanted to meet for coffee again.  Unfortunately, she has never called me back.  I am a little sad she hasn't.  I still pray for her...