Furry Friend

Not everyone who is homeless is a person. I never thought about the homeless animals. Not until Bunny brought Sheba along . . .

A face to love: sweet little Sheba

Sheba lost her family or they decided to get rid of her. One day, Sheba was wandering all alone on the side of a busy road, when Bunny's husband Charles saw her and captured her before she got hurt. Bunny and Charles fell in love and adopted her, because, as Bunny said, "Well, we know what it feels like not having a family or home, so we had to take her in."

Sheba is the best dog. At first, Bunny kept her on a leash, but in no time at all she needed no leash. Either walking or on a bike, Sheba would keep up with Bunny wherever she went. In the middle of August, I started getting worried about Sheba because she has all of this fur and it was so hot. Whenever they would come visit on Thursdays, I would make sure to pour her water and she would drink like she had never had water before. Bunny helped me understand why: Sheba's water got so hot because of the outside temperature that she literally wouldn't drink. So Bunny started getting ice from our cooler and taking it back to her tent in a small cooler to save for Sheba.

Sheba back in the summer

In the summer, ice is a commodity on the street. I just had never thought about the animals needing cool water like us.

If you can't tell from the pictures, Sheba lights up the "room" every time she comes around. She is the happiest little pup, and she just loves to rub up against you and get patted. Her poor fur is a bit matted, sadly, and I do wish we could get her to a vet for a check up and shots!