A Lifted Heart: 1st Need Met!

I'm excited to give an update on our first "Meet the Need"!

Edward will be receiving some new works of historical fiction and perhaps a mystery book or two next Thursday. His library fine will also be paid that day . . .

As Edward got off of the bus today around 2:30 p.m. and headed toward the Corner with his wife, I could hardly wait to tell him. I greeted him like a little kid, and after giving him a hug and saying a quick "Hello," I said, "Guess what?"

"What?" he replied with his lopsided grin.

"Someone is paying your library fine!"

His eyes got wide.

"And buying you new books to read!"

It was hardly computing. He was overjoyed. He truly, honestly could not believe it. He said, with his kind and gentle voice, "This is such a surprise!" Then he paused. "Someone is doing this for me?"

"Yes, Edward, for you! Someone wants to pay your fine and give you some books to read."

With teary eyes, we talked and talked about this idea, that someone would pay his fine and give him books. We talked specifically about what types of books he'd like. We talked for 20 minutes, almost entirely about the fact that someone would do this for him.

Before he had to rush off to get a bed at the shelter, we hugged. Then, he looked intently at me and said, "That lifts . . . that lifts my heart."

I wish I could have bottled up Edward's reaction today on the Corner, and I wish I could now give it to all of you. Overjoyed, ecstatic, humbled, grateful. He said, "God always shows up for me," in awe that God would touch him in this way through such a kind and generous person who was touched by his story. And we agreed, "He loves us so much."

-         -         -

Another exciting update on our veterinary need coming soon . . . Thank you all for rallying to help these wonderful people (and animals)!