Edward's Books

Thanks to a very generous donor, Edward got his books today! The woman who "met the need" would like to remain anonymous, but she gave me permission to tell how she found out about Edward's need.

She wanted to give back, and decided to Google for ways to do that in Dallas. She randomly came across Edward's story, was touched by it, and reached out to me. Simple as that! What a kind, generous heart! Thank you, anonymous person!!!

Onto the story . . .

When I saw Edward getting off of the bus, I ran towards him. I told him I had the money to pay his fine and some books for him. So we got in my car and traveled to the Dallas Public Library . . .

Edward in the car!

Then, we got to the library. I had never been there! Neither had my friend Mark who also came to the Corner today and accompanied us to the library.

My friend Mark with Edward at the library

When we got to the counter, the lady told us that Edward's fine was actually $62. Whoops! I had a pre-filled out check for only $29. So she let us in on a little secret: We could purchase the book, bring it back to the library as a replacement, and only pay the much smaller cost of the book (not the fine!).

During that process, I also learned an interesting part of Edward's story he hadn't told me before. If you'll remember, he lost the book because he was taken to the hospital. Well, he started having heart issues, which led to his being taken to the hospital—all at the Dallas Public Library itself! How cool to be back there, with him fully healthy and getting back on track because of a person who is to him a stranger.

Finally, we headed back to the Corner, where I gave Edward two of the many books our generous donor got for him. He could only carry two today, so my trunk is going to be a second "library" for him, where he can get new books every week.

And with that, he was off to the shelter so that he could get a bed before they filled up!