Some People Cry.

Some people cry.

Some people laugh.

At any given moment in the world, people are laughing and people are crying.

What are we to do with other people’s pain?

It is perhaps easier to relate to someone’s joy. Joy is fun. Joy is happy.

Loss is sad. When I’m happy, it can be hard to let myself feel sad with another person. So sometimes I run and hide from other people’s pain.

But I must go to people in pain. I must not hide. I must go after them, run to them. I must feel my own pains and sadnesses so that I am able to feel theirs with them. For if I cannot even feel my own, how would I be able to experience another person’s?

the light shines through the trees.

When we ourselves break down, when we grieve, and when we let it our own pain wash over us, we actually get closer to reaching into someone else’s hurts.

For when people weep, what do they need more than another person’s hand to hold?

Let us weep first for ourselves, so that we can then weep with others.

The beauty in running to pain? Joy. Joy always follows pain. No pain is forever.

Without having experienced my own pains and having cried my own tears, I could never enter into the broken world of people who are homeless. Having gone through my own crap actually enables me to enter theirs. And truly, there is nothing more joyful than that, even when that involves weeping.

I love people in pain. Pain is beautiful. Feeling pain is beautiful and it is courageous.