When you get the flu, you go underground. You don't get to write any clever Christmas or New Year's posts. You are lucky to get a shower in for the day, and perhaps even luckier to remember to brush your teeth.

The flu hit two days after Christmas, as my husband Austin was recovering from his own illness, complete with 102.2 degree fever, that hit him Christmas day. And so we both went underground, and today is the first day to resurface.

If last year was about discovery for me (and it was), this year is about exploration. Last year, I wanted to learn as much as I could about what it would mean to leave the business world for the local missions field. I learned enough to take the plunge and commit to it full-time as my job.

But I've not yet done it full time. I don't know what life lived regularly in South Dallas looks like. I know I'll focus on working with homeless adults. I know CitySquare is my strategic partner. I know e3 is my employer.

But I really know very little.

And so I look forward to spending much more of 2014 exploring South Dallas with my homeless friends. I'm excited to know them better: who they are and what their needs are. I hope to connect them to CitySquare when they have needs like housing and employment, and I hope to share many stories of the amazing things that happen in South Dallas. I also look forward to all of the wonderful and creative ways people who read will choose to use their gifts for our friends on the street.

HAPPY 2014!

a picture I took just before Christmas