My Mom!

My mom came with me to the Corner last week. It was absolutely delightful to have her there. She is a natural. Everyone loved her. I think it was fun for my friends on the Corner also to see that I have a mom. They think we look alike, and couldn't tell who was younger ;).

Jonathan Grace, Blue our homeless friend, Billy the station owner, me, and my mom!

My mom is my first family member to accompany me to the Corner. That was pretty special. Also, she wasn't nervous about shaking dirty hands like I was. She was so calm. I actually learned from watching her.

Earlier in that morning, she had been at two other non-profits, one of which also works with the homeless, called Our Calling. Ironically, they dropped off one of our homeless friends on the Corner while we were there!

My mom had lots of fun and wants to come back! We laughed a lot with our homeless friends. That was really special, all to laugh together. How very human of us.