Smile, and Give Yourself Away!

Last week on the Corner, I gave away $7. While I do not normally give away money, this was a special case, and it wasn't my $7 to give. Let me tell you the story...

It starts with a Saturday night date my husband and I had on National Margarita Day, in which we planned to have blue margaritas at Blue Mesa in Addison. Much to our astonishment, a lot of others had the same idea, and the noise + wait at Blue Mesa encouraged us to find another establishment not celebrating National Margarita Day.

So we ended up at The Social House, where we encountered a large group of DFW Texas Exes. As much as we say "Hook 'Em," neither was this our cup of tea, so after being seated, we decided to make another change. On the way out, I was mysteriously handed two sealed red envelopes from the hostess, which I proceeded to open outside. Here's what it said:

Together, my and Austin's envelopes made up $7. He gave me his money to take to the Corner.

Last Thursday, my friend Pete and I got to talking, and he told me how he had lent a friend $75 one day, with a promise from his friend to pay him back. He ended up learning that this friend lied to him, and never repaid him the money he owed him. He was discouraged and even angry about this.

It soon occurred to me that he was the person to whom I should give the $7. Although it didn't come close to replacing the lost $75, it was a gesture, and the money was just mine to pass on. I was its steward. It was not my money anyway.

So Pete and I walked a few steps to my car, where I opened the trunk and pulled out the envelope, then gave him one of the notes and the $7. We took a picture together, and I asked if I could tell this story. He said yes.

I know that Pete left our time together encouraged by the gift, and so it got me thinking...

selfie :)

1. Let's get creative to help others in need, just like The Social House did!

2. Support organizations doing good like The Social House, and go eat dinner or grab a beer there sometime!

3. Shawn & Jonathan are right, when in their note they say, "The world has so many problems and we can all make it better one person at a time."

It's in each one of us helping one person at a time. When we see the scope of the need, it can be overwhelming and feel hard to help, or even like a lost cause. But when we can see one face, one smile, hold one hand, then we know that the little part we did really made a true impact. And we were touched and changed as a result.

Finally, you might have already read about it, but there is another need on the Corner, for reading glasses. If you can help, even with just ONE PAIR, or know someone else who can, please email me

Have a happy day! Smile, and give yourself away!