CrowdTilt for Reading Glasses!

My sister, Helen Hill, decided to find a creative way to help get the Reading Glasses need met.

She created a CrowdTilt page. Are you familiar with CrowdTilt?

With CrowdTitlt, you create a campaign to raise money for any cause you choose. You put a goal dollar amount down, and people start contributing to the cause—from $1 to $100 or any amount you want. Once a certain percentage of your total goal has been pledged, your campaign "tilts," which means you have raised a large enough percentage of your total goal for your contributors to be charged.

In this case, Helen found a place to purchase reading glasses for $4 each (plus tax). We need 50+ glasses, so she set the total goal at $250. It "tilted" at $150. She set it up yesterday, and in less than 24 hours, the campaign tilted! To date, $195 has been raised. The campaign is merely $55 from being complete!

I think it's amazing what happens when people get together to help others out. Whereas one person has it in their heart to meet a need themselves, another person comes up with a creative way to get a need met.

I think back to the anonymous person who met Edward's need, and then to my friend Sadie Batson who collected coats for the homeless all on her own.

And then my sister saw this need and came up with a really unusual way to get it met!

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have contributed to this cause.

Seriously, your contribution is so exciting and encouraging! I can't wait to report on the homeless men and women's reactions to these reading glasses!

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