Small Snapshot: Feet Washing Photos

"The most spiritual things are often the most practical. What's more practical than washing the feet of those who walk around on their feet all day?"

~Larry James at Feet Washing today

This is a small snapshot of what happened today as we gathered -- homeless and non homeless -- to wash one another's feet. Over fifty people were there at the beginning as we stood in the circle below to pray -- and it wasn't just the non-homeless, but the homeless and the non-homeless, all of us together. In fact, when my friend Jessica walked up, she said the most beautiful thing was that she honestly couldn't tell who was homeless.

So much more about this day, in words and in pictures, will come, but see a small picture of what our day was like. 

We prayed and read Scripture before we began. John 13:1-18 and 2 Corinthians 5:16-6:2

Someone washed my feet before I washed anyone else's today!

Organic study of Romans 7. Big Mike (pictured on left), who is homeless, asked the guy on the right, who is not homeless, to read to him.

Our amazing little planning "committee" -- even though committees don't actually exist on the streets :)! Left to right: Jessica Donnelli, me, Jonathan Grace, Sean Caho

people in action!

Thank you for all of the support and prayers. Thanks to every person who came out! The day could not have gone better!


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