Small Snapshot: "Trash Talk" Photos

We gathered on Saturday for the especially fun job of picking up trash!

Before getting started, we had breakfast burritos, bagels, and coffee. We had a good time chatting and catching up for those that had been there before. 

Here are the beautiful pictures.

Again, people who are homeless and those who aren't were so happy to be together and are still talking about it, asking when we can do another event again. Except I'm going to stop calling them "events" -- because they aren't.

They are an opportunity for us to have a new experience together.

Prayer together to lead off the day!

Talking before we got started

The trash pick-up begins!

A group of us headed under the bridge

One area under the bridges BEFORE we cleaned

The same area AFTER we cleaned

Most of the group that picked up trash!

An impromptu birthday party for Stacey (on left). My friend Jessica Donnelli (on right) brought the party!

Stacey expressed that whenever we come together, she knows it is authentic and it encourages her. We feel the same way.

So many people in the neighborhood shared sincere gratitude that we would come to be with them and clean up. They try their best to keep the area clean, but lack the physical stamina, manpower, and supplies to do the job as they want. 

One man who is homeless shared with me after, "I used to clean up trash as a job, but I can tell you, I never enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed being with everyone today. It really is nice when we come together."

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped make this day happen!

Specifically, thanks to Mercy who informed their group and brought many volunteers, to Debbee Hancock for bringing our breakfast burritos, to my parents for bringing coffee and bagels, to Omar Salomon for taking beautiful photos, and to my friend Will Stroud for providing all of the supplies. You all are the best!