Give to Growth: Announcing New Team Member!

Oftentimes people ask me if what I write about here is my full-time work. When I started going to South Dallas in July 2013, I planned on continuing to work other jobs and do this part-time on the side. After several months of doing both, I decided to make this work my full-time job. No non-profit that I found had the type of job I wanted to do, so I decided to fundraise so that I could continue and expand my work. In December 2013, I began this process of fundraising.

I work for an organization called e3 Partners Ministry.

When people donate to my work, they give to me through e3 Partners, a 501(c)3 organization, so the gifts are tax-deductible.

On Tuesday, September 16, e3 Partners is holding a special "Giving Day," where donors dollars are multiplied through matching gifts made available to our organization.

Essentially, if you give to this work on September 16, a bonus pool of $100,000 will enhance your gift and further enable e3 Partners to change lives and transform communities.

Elissa Romines

Specifically, for my work, the gifts given on this day are towards growth. A woman named Elissa Edwards Romines (see above photo) has been working with me unpaid for the past four months. She works primarily in donor relations, logistics, and communications. She also assists me in getting those that are homeless to rehab, to the doctor, or to the hospital when a need presents itself. She works in a combination behind-the-scenes capacity, making everything function smoothly, and in a hands-on capacity when needs arise.

Elissa Romines, her daughter Hazel, and me at the 4th of July Parade.

If you want to make a donation on September 16, you will click here on that day, choose my name from the list, and make your donation. (Right now, there is not an option to choose a name; however, on September 16, that option will be available.)

Separate from this specific day, you can give to my work on an ongoing basis. If you would like to support our work, please click here to see my fundraising page. You will create an account, and choose "Donate to this Fundraiser." Please email me with any questions.


What About North Texas Giving Day?

Some of you may be familiar with North Texas Giving Day through Donor Bridge. One day each year, through Donor Bridge, individuals can give to North Texas non-profits, and a pool of matching funds is set aside to increase the impact of dollars given in North Texas on this one day.

However, since most of e3 Partners staff are missionaries working overseas, we did not qualify for North Texas Giving Day this year.* 

Like you read above, e3 Partners is having their own giving day. Several donors have provided a pool of matching funds for our staff. (Please click here to see where you will give online on September 16.) e3 Partners Giving Day is on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

*Although I work in Dallas, not enough e3 staff members are working in the North Texas area for us to qualify.