Street-Side Salon

Street-Side Salon used to be called "Haircuts for the Homeless"!

A shot from Bible study today

On Saturday, November 8, we are holding our next community gathering in South Dallas. After trash pick-up, we asked the homeless community what other needs they have. Their immediate response was, "We need haircuts!"

Of course! It was something we would have never thought about, but it makes so much sense. It is such a basic human need, and one that I take for granted.

So in partnership with some local hairstylists, we are hosting our first "Street-Side Salon" on November 8.

Here are the specific details:


An abandoned lot on the corner of Dawson St. and Jeffries St. The address you can use to locate it is 2851 Dawson St.


9 a.m. to noon


9 a.m. -- Gather for coffee, breakfast, and prayer

9:30 a.m. -- Begin cutting hair

11:30 a.m. -- Lunch arrives


  • Folding tables and chairs. 
  • Additional hairstylists
  • Winter clothes 

Contact Elissa Romines ( if you can provide any of these needed resources.

Please click here to sign up if you are coming.