Meet the Need: Coats to the Streets

Homeless people spend all day outside. Some homeless people spend all day AND all night outside. What does this mean?

There are A LOT of cold men and women in South Dallas right now.

Women at Bible Study in South Dallas

We see a lot of people who are homeless trying to stay warm. A lot of our friends simply layer on most or all of the clothes they have at once. As you can probably imagine, this doesn't quite provide enough protection from winter weather, especially at night. One gracious individual recently decided the homeless should not wait while we raise the funds to purchase coats.  Brand new coats were purchased in varying sizes for homeless men and women in South Dallas.

Each coat was about $10. 

  • 170 coats have been purchased
  • So reaching our goal of $1,700 will cover the cost!

We have set up a fundraiser where people can donate to purchase coats for our friends.

Click here to see the fundraiser page. In the top right-hand corner, click "Donate to the Fundraiser" and give whatever amount you want! Thanks for helping us keep people warm this winter!