Julie's Community of Love

You were all a part of the service today. We got to tell our community in South Dallas that they have a community not physically present that loves them. We told them that your care is why we were able to share Williams Chicken in Julie's honor. 


You were a part of it all:

We had ice-cold drinks — a commodity in the summer on the streets.

We had purple ribbons for everyone to wear.

We sang hymns, worship led by the pastor at the church Elissa and I attend. Oh, and all of the clergy from our church showed up in person to support us.

Our friends who are not homeless came to support us — Kim and Jessica and Rachel and Woods and Caroline and Gayle and Harriette and Margaret and Austin and Will and Hazel and Winnie and Sherry and Amy and Josiah and Susan and Sean and Andrew and countless others.


The COO of The Bridge came and a friend from downtown came, too. 

Some of our friends who are now off of the streets and in homes came.

People came from Tent City and from the shelter. 

Stems of Dallas created a glorious arrangement for Julie.

Cecilia sang for Julie.

We shared our memories of her — Deidre used to follow Julie around "just because she was so comical."

Julie was loved and celebrated. Pat was so thankful her suffering had ended.


We cannot tell you what it was like to have all of our communities around us — a merging of our worlds ... people who live in tents and people who live in homes. We have rarely felt as loved and cherished as we did today. And not only us, but the community of people without homes that we love dearly. 

And about those purple ribbons, we said, "Wear them today. When you see that ribbon, or when someone else asks you about it, talk of Julie, and remember that you are loved as much as she was and that your life is of immeasurable value, too."

p.s.: Jonathan & CitySquare, thank you so much.