Guest Post: An Intern's Perspective on Tent City & the Homeless Epidemic

This job is not one for the faint of heart. 

It was near the end of my first week as an intern, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had been to the streets multiple times. I had met the people on the corner and the people on the front porch. I knew a few people who worked at CitySquare. I had been actively keeping up with the blog posts.

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. 

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What's It All For?

I have endlessly struggled with words. When I started working on the streets of South Dallas almost three years ago, words came easily. Everything was new to me. I had never been around poverty in our country before, and in retrospect I realize it was much easier to relay all of these brand new experiences.

Over the past several months, it feels like so much has changed. In truth, very little has changed, but my perception has. 

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Pigeon Poop: A Cautionary Tale & the Practical Care Pack

One time in South Dallas a bird pooped on my head.

I thought it was a raindrop, which looking back seems odd considering every pigeon in the metroplex was hovering over me. Sweet hindsight. Always 20/20. 

As I talked with a woman on the sidewalk, I casually swept over the raindrop with my hand. 
By swept I mean smeared.  And by raindrop I mean bird poop. 

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Guest Post: Caroline & the Homeless

One day over Christmas break my Bible study leader Gillian texted in our group text asking if anyone wanted to hang out with the homeless the next day. I agreed partly because I had no plans and partly because I was intrigued by the idea just "hanging out" with homeless people. In the past, I've done things like making care packages or grocery shopping for those in need but I had never had a direct, personal interaction wit

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