Friday: Trash Pick-Me-Up

I have this thing in the alley behind my house. It's big-- almost four feet tall & nearly three feet wide. It's gray and plastic and has a lid. Oh and it's on wheels! You guessed it. It's a trash can! You have one as well, yes? Once a week this magical thing happens where a large truck shows up, a few nice gentlemen empty my trash can and recycling bin, & we all go on with our lives.

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Pigeon Poop: A Cautionary Tale & the Practical Care Pack

One time in South Dallas a bird pooped on my head.

I thought it was a raindrop, which looking back seems odd considering every pigeon in the metroplex was hovering over me. Sweet hindsight. Always 20/20. 

As I talked with a woman on the sidewalk, I casually swept over the raindrop with my hand. 
By swept I mean smeared.  And by raindrop I mean bird poop. 

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Guest Post: Caroline & the Homeless

One day over Christmas break my Bible study leader Gillian texted in our group text asking if anyone wanted to hang out with the homeless the next day. I agreed partly because I had no plans and partly because I was intrigued by the idea just "hanging out" with homeless people. In the past, I've done things like making care packages or grocery shopping for those in need but I had never had a direct, personal interaction wit

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