Introducing: The Human Impact Support Network


6.29 | 3 members have joined the Support Network. Thank you!

You won’t find us in a facility or office. Our work happens under the bridges and on the sidewalks of South Dallas. People are our programs. Befriending the homeless is our mission. 

all photos by Christena Dowsett

all photos by Christena Dowsett

With hands emptied of goods and minds cleared of assumptions, we show up as just ourselves, free to listen, to be fully present, and discern the deeper need of those we meet. Oftentimes, people who are homeless have lost their support network. They are isolated. This is where we step in. To love and walk alongside them as they pursue restoration and change. 

Hayley Ruffner, Advocacy Manager

Hayley Ruffner, Advocacy Manager

As we seek to grow the work of The Human Impact, we too need our own community. Reflecting on this year alone, we are deeply grateful for the way our community of support has already grown. Our newly formed Advocacy Group has over 20 members committed to serving our homeless friends through areas of their own expertise. We hired a full-time Advocacy Manager, Hayley Ruffner, to multiply and further the reach of The Human Impact's mission. We have more formerly homeless friends in housing this year, so our work takes us to their respective homes each week because we believe that friendship doesn't stop with housing. We are in it for the long haul. 

And so we find ourselves with a very specific need from our community right now: to help us grow our financial support network through recurring, monthly contributions. 

This need looks like 25 individuals, couples, or families committed to a designated amount each month. We are asking you to consider being 1 of the 25. Over the next 10 days, you can join The Human Impact Support Network of monthly donors. Your monthly donation will enable us to continue the restorative work of community among the most marginalized in the city of Dallas.  

  • 9 @ $25 / month
  • 8 @ $50 / month
  • 3 @ $100 / month
  • 2 @ $250 / month
  • 1 @ $500 / month
  • Other @ $____ / month

Your investment in us is a direct investment into the hearts and lives of people in South Dallas. Your generosity allows us to continue to go back out day after day, week after week, year after year, building trust among the homeless community. Only then do we see whole-person restoration, the kind of proactive change that endures. Over the next 10 days, we will update our progress at the top of this blog post.

If you prefer to give through an annual contribution, save the date for Giving Day, in which funds go farther through matching funds: September 14, 2017.