Street-Side Salon

On Saturday, November 8, we are holding our next community gathering in South Dallas. After trash pick-up, we asked the homeless community what other needs they have. Their immediate response was, "We need haircuts!"

Of course! It was something we would have never thought about, but it makes so much sense. It is such a basic human need, and one that I take for granted.

So in partnership with some local hairstylists, we are hosting our first "Street-Side Salon" on November 8.

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UPDATED: Meet the Need #6: Jerry

Recently, I have encountered a different kind of language barrier. Jerry, pictured above, has never had the ability to hear. Maybe to the trained ear, his speech and language would pose no barrier. However, his chronic homelessness and inability to gain access to a shelter are proof that a hearing impairment can complicate life on the streets.

For a person without a disability, getting out of homelessness is difficult. For a homeless person with a disability, everything  -- from getting an I.D., to finding work, to purchasing a bus pass -- is exacerbated. Adding something in like deafness or paralyzation (which we encounter every single week) complicates overcoming homelessness tenfold.

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Adventures In Lunching

Has anyone noticed how in Dallas high-society, people use the phrase "lunching"? As in, "Where are you lunching today?" I could be wrong, but I think I "lunched" today. I don't think I'll be invited to go lunching again soon. You'll agree after reading what happened. 

Around noon I got a text message from a friend inviting me to a last-minute lunch with her and a mutual friend at Bistro 31.  

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Remembering Ava

As I was safely sleeping inside a locked facility with two armed security guards for the poverty simulation Wednesday night, a block away my friend Ava was being beaten to death.

It is nearly incomprehensible to think that of all the nights this could happen, it was the night I was there -- not actually there but just down the road. While she was undergoing this horrible attack, we were laughing and talking, so nearby, and yet of course having no idea what was happening to her.

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