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Bobby is home! 


If you’ve been following his story for long, you know that it’s not been an easy road. It’s been full of detours and bumps, with stop overs back and forth between hospitals, hotels, and the streets. However, he finally has a place to call his own and we are happy to announce that he is settling in and making it his own!


But no home of Bobby’s would truly be complete until he was cooking in it! Cooking is Bobby’s love language. It’s always been his way to serve others and spread a little love and compassion for his fellow man. Even when Bobby slept in a tent under an overpass, he regularly cooked for anyone and everyone who was around. This includes our entire THI staff. Oh, and in case you’re wondering his food is delicious! 


We love that Bobby feeds people. Not just their bellies, but their souls. We love that he uses his gifts to care for others, to nurture them, and to bring people together. Even when it’s seemed he himself has had very little, he has found ways to be generous through his abilities to prepare and share a good meal. 

If you feel led and are able to help him with this, you can donate here. If donating online, please check the box that says "Add a donation note/comment" and put "Bobby" in the comment box. OR click HERE to add to Bobby's registry. 

 Update: Bobby's Registry is complete! 


 We are so thankful for our donors to have met Bobby's needs! Bobby can now enjoy his new home comfortably, while using his donated registry goods to continue cooking. 

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