Our Board


Abby McClosky

Abby McCloskey, founder of McCloskey Policy LLC, is an economist and political commentator. She is a contributor with Forbes and The Dallas Morning News. Abby is known for her work on economic opportunity and issues impacting working parents. She is also a veteran of of multiple political campaigns. Widely published, Abby has testified about her research before the U.S. Congress. She holds an M.S. in applied economics from Johns Hopkins University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in economics from Wheaton College.

Megan Carpenter

Megan Carpenter is a wife and mother of five. Strongly devoted to the power of prayer, she has hosted, lead, or attended prayer groups over the last 15 years. She is now leading the Prayer Initiative for The Human Impact. Megan received her BA in English from the School of liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi in 2000. She is also the creator and author of her blog, Mom Fit 4 Five.



Robin Pou, IV, J.D.

Robin Pou is a chief advisor and strategist who has worked with leaders from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs of high-growth companies, and well-known brands, including State Farm, Southwest Airlines, BakerBotts, and cabi.

Before starting his current business, Robin served a COO, General Counsel and Board Member, completed dozens of M&A transactions, led hundreds of employees across diverse teams and scaled businesses to successful exits. He’s also the founder of three successful start-up companies, including MusicForce.com, which he sold to Gaylord Entertainment.

Robin is also a leadership keynote speaker and co-author of the book Performance Intelligence at Work. With his guidance, industry leaders use the principles to shift their thinking, reduce leadership doubt, train 100% confidence and achieve peak performance levels by playing to win.

Rachel Nash

Rachel Nash is an artist and art therapist. Throughout her career as an art therapist, Rachel's heart has continually been inclined towards the homeless. She believes that making art with people builds relationships, opens doors for change, allows for personal insight, and is healing. Rachel received her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her B.A. in psychology, art and art history from Southern Methodist University.



Hannah Buchanan

Hannah Buchanan was born and raised in Dallas. She spent eight formative years in Chicago where she attended Wheaton College and taught in Chicago Public Schools with Teach For America. She met and married her husband Ryan up north, and wrangled him back to Dallas in 2014, where she completed her Masters of Social Work. She is currently on staff at Highland Park United Methodist church, where she helped launch a strategic partnership with CitySquare and directs the Cornerstone Contemporary worship service. Hannah and Ryan welcomed their baby girl, Eliza June Buchanan, into the world on June 22nd. Together, they all three enjoy taking walks to the park, cooking (mostly eating), and going on adventures.