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Meet the board members that make our mission possible.



Robin Pou is a chief advisor and strategist who has worked with leaders from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs of high-growth companies, and well-known brands, including State Farm, Southwest Airlines, BakerBotts, and cabi.

Before starting his current business, Robin served a COO, General Counsel, and Board Member, completed dozens of M&A transactions, led hundreds of employees across diverse teams and scaled businesses to successful exits. He’s also the founder of three successful start-up companies, including, which he sold to Gaylord Entertainment.

Robin is also a leadership keynote speaker and co-author of the book Performance Intelligence at Work. With his guidance, industry leaders use the principles to shift their thinking, reduce leadership doubt, train 100% confidence, and achieve peak performance levels by playing to win.

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Over the past decade, Trog has served in multiple ministry endeavors, such as being a Cares Team with Apartment Life Ministries, helping plant a church in Frisco, and being a Discipleship Minister with Christ Church Plano. He now serves as an urban missionary in south Dallas as the VP of Bonton Farms where he invests his time in God’s creation, growing food and making disciples.

"I believe wholeheartedly in their mission. I have worked very closely with Elisabeth and her team over the past three years and there is not a group of people that is showing the love of Christ and modeling His grace and compassion to those in need more than this ministry."

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Board Member


Grant Schmidt is an Attorney at Winston and Strawn LLP. Grant specializes in complex commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, and white collar crime.

"To develop virtues and spread faith in Jesus, we must not get caught up in the urge to think globally or nationwide. Instead, our focus must be local. The Human Impact has reminded me that we cannot overlook the dramatic impact that just focusing on one human being can have on our community – and how that can, in effect, have an even broader impact in ways we do not even realize in our community and beyond."

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Rachel Nash is an artist and art therapist. Throughout her career as an art therapist, Rachel's heart has continually been inclined towards the homeless. She believes that making art with people builds relationships, opens doors for change, allows for personal insight, and is healing. Rachel received her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her B.A. in psychology, art and art history from Southern Methodist University.

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Neal Morris serves as the CFO and Managing Partner of Perry Guest Companies, an integrated real estate services and private equity firm. Prior to joining Perry Guest Companies, he was Vice President and Partner at Charter Holdings.

"The Human Impact brings together three significant motivations of mine. I want to help the homeless. Helping people sort themselves out brings me joy as does complex problem-solving. Helping the poor is a clear mandate of the Bible."

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Board Member

Airric Heidelberg

Chef Airric created Invasion restaurant with a mission and vision that would go beyond serving gourmet, delicious food. The heart of Invasion is focused on giving back to the community. Since its opening in 2020, Invasion has given over 10,000 meals to those in need. Whether it’s invading the taste buds with new, creative flavors or invading the city with meals on a mission, Airric consistently works to build upon his vision to make a difference in Dallas.

Airric believes in the vision and the future of The Human Impact. Homelessness is a large and complex issue that can seem overwhelming to overcome, but The Human Impact has shown change can start with just one. One meal. One conversation. One helping hand. The Human Impact has proven that befriending the homeless and making them feel seen and heard can lead to brighter futures and healthier communities.

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Airric Heidelberg

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