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elisabeth jordan

"I have learned that people are people. Just like us, people who are homeless come from all walks of life, all different faith backgrounds and cultures. I have also seen the systemic injustice that contributes to homelessness. Many people who are homeless were raised in poverty and their safety net is much smaller than mine. One of the missions of The Human Impact is using not just our time but our network for good." 

Founder & President

Elisabeth jordan

Founder & President



"I make it my mission to love others the way I've been loved. I accept the men and women we get to spend time with on the streets no matter how long or often they’ve neglected me and themselves. It’s not been easy, but the sense of joy and knowledge that this is how Christ would love us keeps me going back for more and showing more and more love, grace, and mercy." 

Business Development

StORMY pecchioni

Business Development Manager

Brad Ward

"Jesus told us whenever we actively love those who are hurting we are actively loving Him. I am drawn to those who represent Jesus in the midst of their pain. I love to learn about their life and am overjoyed when they invite me into their journey. I'm drawn by The Human Impact's simple but profound way of being obedient to Christ; by offering ourselves freely and fully to those whom He treasures."

Director of Operations

Brad Ward

Director of Operations

Nick Mclean

"I have always been drawn to walking alongside people through life's toughest moments, especially if there is no one else there beside them. I believe we never look more like Christ than we are celebrating with people in times of joy and grieving with them in times of despair.  There is nothing quite as beautiful as experiencing God's Withness in the midst of pain and I don't know of an organization doing that better than The Human Impact."

Lead Advocate

Nick Mclean

Lead Advocate

Alyssa Schroeder

"In God's design, we are all meant to be in community. We weren't made to be alone. The Human Impact embraces that and makes that the core of what we do. It's a beautiful thing to be able to walk alongside someone through the highs and lows of life, and we get to do that with our friends on the streets through THI."

Community Advocate

Alyssa Schroeder

Senior Advocate


Dante james

"This work gives us the opportunity to obey what God says in Matthew 25:40. What better a job where I can walk in obedience and learn how to be a better friend every day!? I'm excited to explore new perspectives on life, learn from different experiences, listen, and learn how to become a better friend."

Community Advocate

Dante james

Community Advocate

Streets Pastor

Kristen Cash

"My heart sings with joy each day when I get in my car and am reminded of the opportunities each day will hold for me. My hope is to create spaces where people feel welcomed and wanted, for our friends who live in homes and outside of homes to feel as though they were old friends. My hope is for Jesus to use my hands, however wavering and unfaithful they may be at times, to have an impact."

Community Advocate

Kristen Cash

Community Advocate


amanda Dunn

"Story is important. It involves relationship, opens us up to different perspectives, helps us to have empathy, and moves us to action. That’s what I get to be a part of every day with The Human Impact. I get to be a part of making people feel seen, heard and honored through telling their story."

Streets Storyteller

Amanda Dunn

Community Advocate

Streets Storyteller