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Rhonda is Home

On Friday, November 13th, our beautiful friend Rhonda Fenwick went home to be with Jesus. She passed away peacefully, without pain, and surrounded by her son Jordan, her sister, and Jordan's dad.

Over the past few months, we got to sit with her as we talked about Christ together. She had so many questions, and was vulnerable and honest about her life and her need for Him. The Iove of God opened her heart to a new life she envisioned for herself — she had planned to go to detox and rehab so she could go home to surprise her family over Christmas.

Instead, we brought her to the hospital when we found her sick and sat with her there the rest of the week as we pleaded with Christ about the life of our friend. We hoped and fought deeply for her healing on this earth, but God has always known how healing would come to her — swiftly, instantaneously, surrounded by those who love her.

Thank you to all who joined us December 7th as we celebrated Rhonda's life. We gathered together right where she used to sit for many years — the intersection of Jeffries and Hickory Street.

Our feisty, honest, beautiful friend will be deeply missed by so many in our community. Our friends on the streets, our volunteers and donors, and our team are all mourning her loss. The streets won't be the same without her, but we are thankful to Jesus that she is home.

If you would like to give in Rhonda's memory and help friends like her in their journey toward recovery, please consider giving to Rhonda Fenwick Memorial Fund.

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