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Showing Up

As we wrap up another year and prepare for the future, it’s normal to reflect on what we’ve

accomplished and what goals we want to set moving forward. In the industrialized world, this

often looks like crunching numbers and analyzing data, facts, and figures. Accountability is key.


While we don’t always see the real lives of our friends and neighbors reflected genuinely

through pie charts and bullet points, we could not agree more that accountability is important. However, for us accountability is measured in ways other than numbers and percentage points. It’s measured in connections made and relationships forged. Which is why at the very heart of our work – more than any other thing we do, more than any other service we provide – The Human Impact in its simplest, most beautiful form is just people being accountable for their shared humanity. It is letting a shared humanity be enough in itself to show up for.


That is the bottom line. The impact of The Human Impact is made by people showing up for

each other.


Because showing up matters.


Showing up is a statement. It’s a bold proclamation. It says, “You are not alone.” The things that you face, the good and the bad were never meant to be yours alone. Life is a community experience. Showing up is a test of courage. It puts our bravery right up against our fears of rejection, abandonment, and hurt. Showing up means you can be sent away. Showing up means you can be uninvited. It is hard to be vulnerable. Showing up can be risky in this way, which is why it often takes a leap of faith. If it were easy, everyone would do it.


Showing up is love personified. The ways in which we show up can vary greatly and be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and so much more. However, one thing remains the same: showing up means that nobody walks alone for the road is too bumpy, too unpaved, and too unpredictable for that.  


Showing up means that when we can respond with practical solutions, we do, but that we also know it’s not always within our abilities or within our rights to do so. Showing up means

maintaining a meaningful relationship even when that will only ever be the outcome. Showing up happens when solutions are rejected, ignored, attempted, and failed. It happens when promises aren’t kept, but second chances are still given.  


Showing up is taking a friend to his chemo appointments and sitting by his side for hours.


Showing up is birthday cake brought to your tent and eaten together.


Showing up is praying for you in Thursday staff prayer time.


Showing up is long talks sitting outside on the curb.


Showing up is holding space for a friend who shares about their childhood for the first time.

Showing up is a game of dominoes.


Showing up is a ride to a doctor’s appointment.


Showing up is an invite to church.


Showing up is a homemade meal.


Showing up is noticing when you haven’t been around lately and asking questions. Showing up is making sure you don’t simply disappear unnoticed.


Showing up is asking about your kids, knowing their names, ages, and what sports they play.


Showing up is standing by someone’s side as they take their last breaths, making sure they don’t have to do it alone.


Showing up is a simple smile and eye contact with someone who has not received it in a very

long time.


Showing up means recognizing each other’s belovedness. It means simply refusing to not see, acknowledge, or value those people who society tends to look away from. Showing up means being where others tend to avoid – asking questions, building relationships, knowing names, hearing stories. Showing up is more than simply handing out food or blankets. Showing up is knowing people as they are.  


Showing up is both the easiest and the most difficult part of our work.


It is our mission. It is our heart.


Showing up is what we will continue to strive for in 2023. We will not do it perfectly. We will

fail and misstep and beg forgiveness. However, we ask that you continue to support us in our

mission. We thank you for all the ways you’ve shown up for THI, and we assure you that for as

long as we can, we will keep showing up.

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