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To be human is to desire a meaningful way to give back and care for others. The Human Impact aims to bridge the relational divide between people who are homeless and people who aren't.

The Human Impact was born from a need — the needs we saw of the of the homeless. These needs are varied — physical, mental, and emotional — and homeless people are often unable to meet these needs on their own.

We set out to connect the needs of the homeless with the resources — some of time, some of expertise, some of finances — of people who aren't homeless. We bring these groups together by providing the opportunity for people to leverage their time, talent, and treasure to invest in the life of someone who is homeless.

We spend consistent time with the homeless, source their needs, and share them with our community. Then, on a case-by-case basis, people have an opportunity to meet needs one-to-one. Many people who are homeless have a rich understanding of what's important in life and an authenticity we all long for. In this way, they also give back to us.

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