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A Gift for Matthew

A letter from Stormy, our Community Advocate

Matthew Nard is a friend of mine who was sleeping under an I-30 bridge for multiple years. In August, we were able to provide him a small emergency pop-up shelter that's now on the property where he's able to work!

With the job, he gets mental and physical health care services that have allowed his schizophrenic diagnosis to be tamed! He's able to meet with a counselor weekly which has helped him navigate through the trauma abuse since birth has caused him.

HIS LOVE FOR THE DALLAS COWBOYS His small home is 64 square feet leaving little room for anything, EXCEPT for a small TV. That TV and the antenna he received stays tuned to ESPN, and every gameday, the Dallas Cowboys!

I firmly believe, even with the safety of a shelter, ability to lock up his personal items, and a place to sleep that's not cement, on ant hills, under a bridge, he would leave his job, home and the many benefits he now has if it wasn't for the Cowboys playing on his TV that can only be seen if he stays in a home.

THE GIFT OF A GAME! He's been able to work towards having all of his needs met since August more than he had in all of his 47 years of life. He's a Christmas baby (12/25/71), and has never received a birthday gift or Christmas gift, instead only beatings from his father. We, The Human Impact, want to gift him with a Dallas Cowboys experience for the Rams vs. Cowboys game next Sunday but know the funds are nearly impossible at this time.

My ask is that you help us create an experience for Matthew to see the only team he's ever loved play. We are asking for 2 tickets and a parking pass to give to Matthew so that we can ensure his first birthday and Christmas present ever are unforgettable? - Stormy

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