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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We had our last Streetside Salon of the year last Saturday and it was a lot of fun!

Our seven hairstylists!

Every one of our friends who signed up for a haircut got a haircut. Not one was turned away. This means that 45 people got their hair cut, which was 13 more than our last event. Part of the reason for this… we had seven hairstylists (three more than last time)!

As many of you know, our Streetside Salon events go even deeper than haircuts. They are about friendship. And part of friendship sometimes looks like sitting down with a stranger and getting to know them.

Haircuts, while they are a voiced need, are also a good way to make a friend. So, we want to say ‘thank you’ to our seven hairstylists. Not only did they help make people feel beautiful, they were also a friend, a listening ear, and a voice of hope.

Our five caterers!

Many of our events also involve some great food, which is another avenue that friendship can be found. We had five caterers for this event who took their time to prepare quality breakfast food for our friends and to make sure everyone was fed well.

In every culture, food is feeds relationship. Where food is, people gather. And when people gather, friendship is found. So, thank you to our five caterers for filling us up with good food and deeper relationships.

Thank you also to our 32 volunteers! As important as haircuts and food are, someone to just sit and talk with is just as important. People need present people, and that’s what you all were to many of our friends on Saturday. And I hope you got to experience how they, in many ways, may have been that same way to you. Thank you for finding the empty chair next to someone new (or a friend) and taking the time to talk about life with them.

Like the Golden Girls theme song says… “Thank you for being a friend.”

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