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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Written by Cammy Dickenson with HPUMC

Recently, along with a group of women in my Bible study, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone.

We visited with Elisabeth Jordan, the Founder and President of The Human Impact, whose mission is to befriend the homeless in the Dallas area and bridge the relational gap to change lives.

Honestly, I was a little hesitant. What should I say? What’s the best way to approach homeless people, much less connect with them?

Instead of worrying about what I would do and say, I decided to simply be a listener.

A New Friend

Almost as soon as I got out of the car, I met Veronica. Our casual conversation quickly evolved into her eagerly telling me her life story. Unfortunately, drugs had been a part of her past. But she spoke with joy about her family and getting to observe the world around her.

Perhaps the biggest surprise? Veronica seemed quite content. In fact, she was grateful for what God had given her.

I’ve never wanted for food, shelter, or clothing, but I can still overlook the many ways God has blessed me.

Just Like Us

The revelations didn’t stop there, after all, I thought that most homeless people probably have a drug problem, a criminal record, and don’t have family members involved in their lives.

Turns out, they do have families. They see their kids and grandkids. Many of them also have phones, so they can keep in touch with their friends and loved ones.

While we tend to lump homeless people into a group that is less than and doesn’t matter, they’re just like us — they all have stories.

They’re real people that genuinely crave connection.

Don’t Be Afraid

By forming relationships with the homeless in our community, The Human Impact is able to help with many simple things that they need, from providing pens for job applications to giving rides to the hospital.

This experience deepened my faith, helped me better appreciate how blessed I am, and made me realize how important sincere relationships are.

Elisabeth asked me to come back. It turns out, no one had really been able to connect well with Veronica, so I returned only a few days later.

If you have a heart to get to know the homeless people living near us, don’t be afraid. Trust me, it’s worth the leap of faith to go and do it.

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