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Valentine's Brunch

Our 4th Annual Valentine's Brunch took place on Saturday, February 16th. It was a cold morning in Dallas, but it was a warm atmosphere inside as we gathered together to celebrate the love of friendship. There was hot coffee, delicious breakfast food, beautifully decorated tables to sit around, children laughing and coloring, and engaging conversations. It was a relaxed time that allowed space for each person to come as they are and share life together.

A very special thanks to the following people who helped make this brunch so wonderful. Jennifer and Steve Jorns for opening their beautiful home and hosting us all. Also for providing all of the food and floral arrangements. It was all so lovely.

Katherine and Miller Moffitt for making sweet party favors and passing them out to each guest individually. It was a special touch to the morning.

Our wonderful volunteers who gave rides to our homeless and formerly homeless friends: Sarah Tyson, Garron Hayes, Angela Helbing, Mike Randrup, and Brett Douvros. We could not have done this without you!

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